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Los Angeles County Crime Rates Show Wide Local Variation During Justice Reform Era, 2010-2016

CJCJ’s new fact sheet shows Los Angeles County crime trends, like trends across the state, appear to be highly localized during the justice reform era.

Fouts Springs: A Model Approach to Serving High-Risk Youth

New study documents legacy of Fouts Springs Youth Facility, a regional facility operated by Solano County that served high-risk youth in lieu of the state youth correctional facilities.

Are Immigration Detainer Practices Rational?

New study casts doubt on efficacy of immigration and public safety intersection.

Counties’ continued decline in reliance on state youth facilities

CJCJ’s California Sentencing Institute (CASI) released its 2011 juvenile justice data today, showing a continued trend away from state confinement and towards community-based options for high-needs youth.

2011 data provide baseline and initial effects of Realignment

CJCJ’s California Sentencing Institute (CASI) released its 2011 data today, providing a statewide baseline of county practices prior to, and in the initial stages of, AB 109 implementation.

Grassroots Leaders to Legislators: We Have the Right To Remain Unsilent!

On May 13, 2013: Formerly Incarcerated People's Quest for Democracy Legislative Briefing on polices that impact the ability of formerly incarcerated people to fully participate in society.

NEW REPORT: counties’ large disparities in imprisonment underlie ongoing prison crisis

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CJCJ report analyzes new data from the last quarter of 2012. Finds county disparities contribute to prison crisis and impact all CA taxpayers.

Announcing Merger and Plans to Rebrand

We are pleased to announce an exciting development for the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ). CJCJ’s merger with the Northern California Service League (NCSL) is now complete.  The union of these two venerable nonprofit agencies creates an even stronger and more vibrant organization ready to face the challenges of the future.

NEW REPORT: Recent urban crime increases are not linked to realignment

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Analyzing newly released FBI data - the first full crime figures published since Realignment - CJCJ found no correlation between Realignment and crime trends.

New Data Shows California Youth Crime At Record Low
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 26, 2012 San Francisco, CA: After a record plunge in youth crime, fewer youths were arrested in California last year than at any time since 1957, when California had three million fewer teenaged youth. New figures released by the Department of Justice's Criminal Justice Statistics Center show 149,563 Californians under age 18 were arrested in 2011, the lowest number since statewide figures were first issued in 1957 (144,978). When the growth in the juvenile…
Counties using pretrial services to reduce jail overcrowding safely
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 25, 2012 San Francisco, CA : While 32 out of 58 counties in California are planning to add new jail beds to fulfill new AB 109 realignment responsibilities, a new report identifies counties that have developed cost-effective ways to alleviate and maximize on their existing jail space without compromising public safety. These models and practices could be modified and replicated in other jurisdictions that are currently struggling with overcrowded jails. Best…
Addendum to "Charging Youth as Adults in California" released
CJCJ has released an addendum to its February 2012 report entitled, Charging Youths as Adults in California: A county by county analysis of prosecutorial direct file practices . The purpose of the addendum is to highlight recently discovered limitations with the current state methods for collecting data on direct filing and to urge District Attorneys to proactively ensure that accurate data is submitted to the state's official database. Please find the addendum here:…
New report supports Governor's plan to realign juvenile justice
A new report from the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ) entitled Juvenile Justice Realignment in 2012 provides support for Governor Brown's realignment proposal and offers five policy recommendations that include a three-year process that allows counties time to design new services and infrastructure.  At the end of three years, the state will no longer manage youth correctional institutions and the resources that used to sustain these facilities will be transferred to the…
CJCJ publication finds direct filing does not reduce juvenile crime
The latest publication in CJCJ's Juvenile Justice Realignment Series analyses direct adult criminal court filings across California's 58 counties since the passage of Proposition 21 (2000). Direct filing allows prosecutors to unilaterally transfer youth to adult court, thereby circumventing juvenile court jurisdiction.* Read the full report at $1What_has_been_the_effect_of_Prop_21.pdf$4 Find out what others are saying about it in our attached press release, including statements by Assembly…
Renewing Juvenile Justice is now available on CJCJ's Resource Center
Commissioned by the Sierra Health Foundation, and authored by CJCJ, Renewing Juvenile Justice offers policy recommendations to move juvenile justice practices in California into the 21st Century.
New Series of Reports: Juvenile Justice Realignment
In response to Governor Brown's proposal to eliminate the State's Division of Juvenile Facilities (DJF) and realign juvenile justice in California, a new Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ) series investigates some of the underlying concerns about the proposed realignment and reveals radically different juvenile justice practices across California's fifty-eight counties. Part One of the series addresses whether closing DJF would increase county reliance on direct adult criminal…
CJCJ's newest study: Proposition 19's attempt to legalize marijuana - Failure or Success
CJCJ's newest Policy Study: "
CJCJ's most recent publication: The Prison Industry
Read CJCJ's newest publication "incarceration in the United States versus worldwide incarceration rates prisons as a market for profits the prison-building frenzy cashing in on crime and matters revolving around privatization of prisons.
New Report Released: "The California Miracle"
Executive Director Daniel Macallair and Senior Research Fellow Mike Males investigate the validity of the Incapacitation Theory through the recent report titled "The California Miracle: Drastically Reduced Youth Incarceration, Drastically Reduced Youth Crime ."  This report serves as an update to a prior CJCJ publication, "Testing Incapacitation Theory: Youth Crime and Incarceration in California ." Our recent analysis calls incapacitation theory into serious question.  Incapacitation theory…
New Report: Are Teenage Criminals Getting Younger and Younger?
Read CJCJ's newest study, "
A Taxpayers Guide to the California Death Penalty
Bound copies of this publication are available for order by contacting You may also view the electronic version on our website at
Daniel Macallair: Federal Courts to the Rescue: Fixing California's Broken Prison System
Read Executive Director Daniel Macallairs piece in BeyondChron on Federal Courts to the Rescue: Fixing California's Broken Prison System
Just released! Closing California's Division of Juvenile Facilities: An Analysis of County Institutional Capacity

Just released! Closing California's Division of Juvenile Facilities: An Analysis of County Institutional Capacity by the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice's Daniel Macallair, MPA, Executive Director Mike Males, PhD, Senior Research Fellow and Catherine McCracken, M.S., Program Director Read the full report at Also check out "More calls for California to shut down its youth prison system " by Karen de Sá of the Mercury News.

Non Partisan State Agency Calls for Closure of California's Juvenile Prisons
Non Partisan State Agency Calls for Closure of California's Juvenile Prisons
Little Hoover Commission Releases Report on Corrections Crisis
Little Hoover Commission Releases Report on Corrections Crisis

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