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"Life after Murder" by Nancy Mullane
"Life after Murder" follows five individuals serving life with the possibility of parole in California's San Quentin prison and upon their eventual release back into the Bay Area.  Inmates serving life with the possibility of parole sentences are required to appear before a parole board and prove that they no longer present a danger to society before they are granted release.  The parole board comprises law enforcement and corrections professionals who are appointed by the Governor.  During…
Youth Gangs In American Society

A survey of the literature on gangs and gang activities in America includes theoretical perspectives on why gangs exist, gang typologies, descriptions of gang activities, and various intervention strategies for dealing with gangs.

Search and Destroy: African-American Males in the Criminal Justice System

Thought provoking and powerful, Jerome G. Miller explores today's American criminal justice system and its impact on young African American males in this book.

That Bird Has My Wings

A cautionary tale for kids in danger of following the same path, this book is also meant to inspire government officials and social service professionals who are truly in a position to fix our broken system.

Our Punitive Society: Race, Class, Gender and Punishment in America

This text identifies the macroeconomic forces relevant to imprisonment — poverty and political powerlessness — and explores viable and humane alternatives to our current incarceration binge.

Dreams from the Monster Factory

Sunny Schwartz writes about her extraordinary work transforming the San Francisco jails from “monster factories” that foster violence, rage, and better criminals, into places that could change criminals for the better.

Juvenile Justice in America: Problems and Prospects

Juvenile Justice in America: Problems and Prospects debunks the argument that incarceration reduces crime and advocates social policy that seeks workable alternatives.

Crime and Criminal Justice in American Society

Crime and Criminal Justice in American Society looks at how different groups, including people of color, the rich, and the poor, perceive the “facts” of crime and the criminal justice system.

Controlling The Dangerous Classes

Criminologist Randall G. Shelden traces the history of the criminal justice system and its historical biases through the development of the police institution and the juvenile justice and prison systems.

Delinquency and Juvenile Justice in American Society

Criminologist Randall G. Shelden analyzes juvenile issues through the lens of social justice, linking social inequality, including the unique problems of girls growing up in a patriarchal society, to delinquency and crime.

Kids & Guns: How Politicians, Experts, and the Press Fabricate Fear of Youth

With 2,500 fatal murders and suicides every month, the typical shooter is white and grownup, 90% are by adults.

The San Francisco Industrial School and the Origins of Juvenile Justice in California

Daniel Macallair examines the Industrial School’s controversial 33-year history and how it contributed to the development of California juvenile laws, policies, and practices.

Smoked: Why Joe Camel Is Still Smiling

Sociologist Mike A. Males analyzes the history of the anti-smoking movement.

Framing Youth: Ten Myths about the Next Generation

Sociologist Mike A. Males takes a critical view of ten common myths about adolescents and — through statistics on drugs, alcohol, sex, crime and curfews — reveals what teens are really like and what they really need.

Last One over the Wall: The Massachusetts Experiment in Closing Reform Schools

Jerome G. Miller writes an autobiographical account of his tenure as former head of the Massachusetts juvenile justice system during which he daringly closed reformatories and returned the juveniles to the community.

Girls, Delinquency, and Juvenile Justice

Girls, Delinquency, and Juvenile Justice exposes the system's failed attempts to apply male-oriented theories to the delinquency of females, and sheds new light on the unique problems girls face as a result.

The Scapegoat Generation: America's War on Adolescents

Sociologist Mike A. Males provides a different picture: How politicians, private interests, and the media unfairly scapegoat adolescents for America's problems.

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