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News items related to restorative justice

Healing Communities through Restorative Justice

In the Bay Area and beyond, bringing together the community in a constructive way produces better chances for healing people who are most vulnerable and most impacted by the justice system.

Justice Policy Journal - Volume 13, Number 2 - Fall 2016

Articles discussing the family impacts of caregiver arrest, how juvenile justice systems-involvement affects earnings, and restorative justice legislation and policy. 

A Shifting America: Latinos and a Health Equity-Centered Approach to Juvenile Justice

Residents of East Salinas are looking to indigenous practices to change their county’s approach to juvenile justice. 

How to Address Pain for Life

Restorative practices are essential to improving the framework of our justice system. This new lens values the connection between the victim, offender, and the community. It allows for meaningful dialogue.

Community-based practices that repair harm

In the field of juvenile and criminal justice you often hear a buzzing in your ears and it’s the sound of buzz words like “restorative justice.”  Words highlighting model practices are often utilized widely in this field, but what do these practices really mean.  What do these practices really look like when implemented in the community?

Can restorative justice halt the school-to-prison pipeline?
Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend a two-day conference entitled, "Exposing Structural Racism from Within: The Power of Restorative Justice," sponsored by the Henderson Center for Social Justice at UC Berkeley. ¬†Conferences, especially those in an academic environment, usually tend to focus only on the problems, however this time I left with an overwhelmed, yet hopeful, mind. ¬†While there was plenty of theoretical discourse on how, and if, restorative justice as a model has the…

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