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Part III: Trends in girls' crime

It was noted in part II of this series that girls who run away from home are often doing so because of sexual abuse at home.  As reported in the New York Times an estimated 1.6 million juveniles run away from or are thrown out of their homes each year; over half are girls. 

Children and the Recession
The recession that we are experiencing has impacted just about everyone except for the few who have become richer (more about that later).  At this point in time it is not easy to determine the impact on children since it takes time to analyze the toll.  However, as more and more information has become available we can make some assessment. One recent report noted that there have been "an increasing number of children leave home for life on the streets, including many under 13. Foreclosures,…
Runaway Juvenile Crime?: The Context of Juvenile Crime Arrests
Runaway Juvenile Crime?: The Context of Juvenile Crime Arrests

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