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CJCJ's Cameo House Celebrates International Women's Day

This International Women's Day, CJCJ's Cameo House could not imagine "A Day Without a Woman."

Lost African American Girls in the Maryland Juvenile Justice System

CJCJ's Mike Males discusses the mistreatment and criminalization of Black girls in the juvenile justice system with WPFW Crossroads host, Roach Brown.

Overlooked: Women and Jails in an Era of Reform

The Vera Institute of Justice highlights CJCJ's Cameo House, an alternative sentencing program in San Francisco for justice-involved women and their children, in a report on the needs of women impacted by the justice system.

Justice by Geography: Do Politics Influence the Prosecution of Youth as Adults?

CJCJ’s new report finds that counties with Republican district attorneys are more likely to directly file youth in adult, criminal court.

CJCJ in the news: How Mario Woods Stands in for Vanishing Black San Francisco

The National Journal highlights a CJCJ report on San Francisco's disproportionate arrest rates of African-American women. 

CJCJ in the news: The over-policing of black women in SF

San Francisco Public Defender, Jeff Adachi, discusses CJCJ's recent report on the city's disproportionate arrests of African American women. 

CJCJ in the news: African Americans cited for resisting arrest at high rate in S.F.

SF Gate highlights CJCJ's study on the disproportionate arrest rates of African American women in San Francisco. 

Cameo House: A Partnership to Help Mothers Succeed

In partnership with the San Francisco Adult Probation Department, CJCJ's Cameo House now serves as an alternative sentencing program for pregnant and parenting women in San Francisco County.

Out of the Darkness: For Inmates Released Late at Night, Change May Be Coming

Danielle Evans, Director of Women's Services, discusses the need for coordinated reentry planning for individuals exiting local jails.

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Against violence and against incarceration

Anti-violence activists, who often demand harsher penalties for offenders, tend to work in opposition to those fighting overuse of incarceration, who call for the opposite. This antagonism leaves women of color on the sidelines, as they are disproportionately impacted by both gender-based violence and the criminal justice system.

Justice Policy Journal - Volume 9, Number 2 - Fall 2012

(ISSN 1530-3012) From the editor The Criminal History of So-Called "Hard Core" Drinking Drivers Reintegrative Community Service Teams: Developing Key Practice Dimensions of the Civic Engagement Model of Offender Reentry Do Societal Reactions Lead to Increased Experiences of Shame and Strain for Registered Female Sex Offenders? From the editor By Elizabeth Brown, Ph.D. and Randall G. Sheldon, M.A., Ph.D. From the Editors Once again it is time for another issue of Justice…

Justice Policy Journal - Volume 4, Number 2 - Fall 2007
(ISSN 1530-3012) From the editor Parolee Day Treatment in California: Action Research with Parolees in an Urban Setting Life After 'Life': Wrongly Convicted But Never Truly Free Juvenile Sexual Offenders: An analytical View of Effective Programming Jail Wall Drawings and the Role of Artistic Creativity in Community Reintegration A Convict Criminology Perspective on Women Guarding Men From the editor By Elizabeth Brown, Ph.D. and Randall G. Shelden, M.A., Ph.D. From The…
Justice Policy Journal - Volume 1, Number 2 - Spring 2003
(ISSN 1530-3012) From the editor Justice Policy Journal Volume 1, Number 2: Spring 2003 From the editor By Daniel Macallair, MPA Editorial Statement Manuscripts submitted to JPJ cannot have been published elsewhere, including the internet. They cannot be under consideration by another journal or publication outlet. Upon publication, authors must sign a copyright agreement with the Justice Policy Journal . Justice Policy Journal Volume 1, Number 2: Spring 2003 By Edward…
Justice Policy Journal - Volume 3, Number 1 - Spring 2006
(ISSN 1530-3012) From the editor Three Strikes and You're In: The Effect of Ewing v. California and Three Strikes Legislation on Prison Population and Resource Management Technology-Driven Literacy Programs as a Tool for Re-connecting Incarcerated Mothers and their Children: Assessing their Need and Viability in a Federal Prison Research Brief: Is There Justice in the Juvenile Justice System? Examining the Role of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Political and Demographic…
The decline of rape

The decline of rape Los Angeles Times, February 18, 2007

Women in California Prisons: Hidden Victims Of The War On Drugs

Given that so many of the women in prison in California are driven to drug use because of poverty and abuse, the real issue before us is detention or prevention?

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