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CJCJ youth explore Alcatraz and strengthen bonds with mentors

Youth Justice Mentoring Program staff, mentors and clients visit Alcatraz, learn about local history, and build lasting memories with friends

On June 1st, the staff, volunteer mentors, and youth clients of CJCJ's Youth Justice Mentoring Program (YJM) had the opportunity to visit Alcatraz Island, the infamously isolated federal prison located in the San Francisco Bay. 

As part of its mission to provide positive mentorship to at-risk youth, YJM staff organize outings for youth clients and mentors to share new experiences and simply have fun. 

"It takes a lot of time and energy to plan outings but it's extremely worth it," says YJM Lead Mentoring Coordinator Therese Turcios. "I love the excitement, happiness and gratitude that the youth have every time. These trips not only provide a first time experience for many of our clients, but for some mentors as well."

"I had fun, but I was scared," said one youth client about her visit to Alcatraz. "I couldn’t live in those [cells] like that." 

Esau, a youth mentor, said, "It was nice to have another mentee-mentor field[trip]...It was really exciting just being with the youth and seeing him enjoy himself."

Thank you to YJM staff and mentors for organizing and participating in this trip to Alcatraz. Keep up the good work! 

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