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Technical Assistance

CJCJ offers a consulting service supporting national, state, and local jurisdictions seeking improvement of their criminal and juvenile justice systems. CJCJ’s technical assistance includes:

Developing comprehensive community-based correctional programs

Providing trainings and presentations

Constructing individualized sentencing reports

Creating correctional reform strategies to address high-needs populations

Offering technical assistance since 1991, CJCJ draws its technical assistance expertise from the agency’s data-driven research and policy analysis combined with its experience developing, implementing, and maintaining model services for high-needs individuals involved with the juvenile and criminal justice systems.

How we can help you

CJCJ’s culturally competent and gender responsive services focus on populations with special needs, who are better served in a non-custodial setting, including individuals who are mentally ill, homeless, and engaging in substance abuse. Learn more about our current and former replicable programs serving these populations: CJCJ uses a community correctional model that promotes a full range of locally based options for justice-involved individuals.

The agency also offers technical assistance in developing institutional population reduction strategies that address Disproportionate Minority Confinement (DMC) and optimize use of blended funding strategies.

In addition to providing direct services, CJCJ develops individualized treatment approaches through presentence investigation reports (PSI). Please visit CJCJ’s Sentencing Service Program (SSP) for more information. These approaches are important components of effective systems change by creating reform from within the system.

Our Successes

Over the past 20 years, CJCJ has provided technical assistance across the country, including Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, South Dakota, and District of Columbia, as well as local jurisdictions like Alameda, Los Angeles, Oakland, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Seattle.

CJCJ’s replicable adult and juvenile justice direct service programs have received national recognition. CJCJ’s Detention Diversion Advocacy Program (DDAP) has won numerous national and regional awards, and was a semi-finalist for the Innovations in Government award from Harvard University.

Evaluations by the United States Department of Justice found CJCJ’s San Francisco DDAP significantly reduced recidivism rates among program participants by 50% when compared to a matched sample of detained youth. An evaluation of CJCJ’s Philadelphia DDAP program found similar results.

Please review a list of selected satisfied client projects in which CJCJ has provided technical assistance, or read our technical assistance publications.

Applying for technical assistance

Technical assistance projects are accepted on a case-by-case basis after initial assessment. CJCJ also provides presentations and trainings to practitioners, researchers, and policy makers on all of the above areas of expertise.

To apply for technical assistance services or for more information

Brian Goldstein Director of Policy and Development
Tel: 4156215661 x. 102