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Strengthening public health and safety through policies that reflect the true needs of our communities.

Our policy advocacy, research, and reports help to transform community safety. We inform policy makers, journalists, researchers, practitioners, and the public about how to upend the cycle of incarceration. CJCJ also offers technical assistance supporting national, state, and local jurisdictions seeking to improve their criminal and juvenile justice systems

How we work

Research & Education

CJCJ provides data-driven research on how to improve community safety and reduce incarceration. We highlight what keeps communities safe and the dangers of mass incarceration.

Policy Advocacy

Our team advocates for policies that support transformative justice, such as work to close California’s youth prisons, expand community reinvestment, and more.

Technical Assistance

CJCJ offers technical support to national, state, and local jurisdictions seeking improvement of their criminal and juvenile justice systems.

Leadership Development

We help build up next generation formerly incarcerated and system-impacted leaders to affect positive change in criminal justice reform.

For more information, please contact Brian Goldstein at (415) 6215661 ext. 102 or brian@​cjcj.​org.