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Support Safe, Trauma-free Childcare on #GivingTuesday

Make a donation to the Children's Waiting Rooms today! 

By participating in Giving Tuesday, your tax-deductible donation will help CJCJ provide safe, no-cost childcare for children whose parents have business in the San Francisco courts.  

Gift Giving Day at the Children's Waiting Room

The Children's Waiting Rooms are a service supported by CJCJ and the San Francisco Superior Courts, offering free childcare for thousands of low and moderate-income parents who need to appear in court. 

"The Children’s Waiting Rooms provide a safe and positive environment for children so they are not subject to witness the very serious events in the courtroom," says Dinky Manek Enty, CJCJ Deputy Director and Director of the Children's Waiting Rooms.  "Our staff see every moment with the child as an opportunity to nurture their development, from theatrical play to simple science projects.”

The waiting rooms provide appropriate, unlicensed childcare services in a safe and positive environment for children, separating young children from the trauma of the courtroom environment and early exposure to the justice system. Your donation will fund healthy snacks, craft supplies, games and miscellaneous needs of the children who visit the waiting rooms.

See what patrons of the waiting rooms have to say!

“I am very thankful for this childcare and the women that work [here]. They are patient with my baby and my baby loves them! — Danielle

“Words I use to describe CWR: Very good, fun, warm, fantastic.” — Carlos

“The kids love it!”

“Thank you for encouraging my daughter’s creativity.”

 “It’s wonderful to have childcare over here.” — Lauren

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