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We Need Your Voice to Protect People in California’s Jails!



Image Courtesy of ACLU of Southern California

California is revising the Title 15/24 Facility Regulations for jails, which include everything from solitary confinement and pepper spray to food and family visitation. These are the minimum regulations to which jails are held accountable, and we have a unique chance to change them!A coalition of community orgs has created an online survey (Español version) to hear about the lived experiences of people who've recently been in county jails, along with their loved ones and service providers.

Please take 15 minutes to fill out this critical survey on jail conditions. We want to hear your experiences, concerns, and solutions to strengthen California’s regulations for county jails. Important Note: these regulations do not cover state prison (CDCR), youth facilities, and immigration detention centers. 

PLEASE COMPLETE THE SURVEY BY WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 4TH. Folks who are completing a hard-copy of this survey inside a county jail can submit by mail on a rolling basis to be received by August 31st.



Download hardcopies of the survey.

For assistance filling out the survey or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact CJCJ Communications at (415) 621-5661 x. 103 or

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