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This #GivingTuesday, Support Family Unity and Healing

Dear Friend,

Our team at the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ), is committed to supporting families that have been impacted by the justice system through model direct services and research-driven public policy. Your tax-deductible donation guarantees that families most impacted by incarceration will receive the services they deserve. 


Your generosity will sustain Cameo House in its mission to uplift women and their children through the promotion of self-sufficiency and safe housing.  

Your pledge ensures that children and their mothers are kept together as they heal from the generational trauma of incarceration. 

Your donation invests back into community focused events such as the release of "Demetri Makes a Memory Quilt", authored by CJCJ team member, Renee Menart. This heartwarming book was created in collaboration with the wisdom of mothers at Cameo House. 

Cameo House Director, Rebecca Jackson, says, "It's a joy to guide these women on their personal and parenting journeys, and to help break the cycle of incarceration. With Cameo House's support, families have the opportunity to reunify to the next chapter of their lives."

With you by our side, our team has helped participants heal from trauma, strengthen  family relationships, and thrive in all areas of their lives. In order to move thisworkforward, please consider donating to CJCJ todayTogether, we can keep families united and build stronger, safer communities  

With gratitude, 

The CJCJ Team


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