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New publication sheds light on the inner circle of K-street lobbying

Announcing the release of CJCJ's latest report on California's special interest groups and criminal justice policy, Sacramento's K-Street Lobbyists: The criminal justice inner circle. The investigative report authored by Senior Fellow at Demos, Sasha Abramsky includes interviews with prominent lobbyists such as John Lovell, and CCPOA's Ryan Sherman to find out what drives criminal justice policy in California.  

"You build up your rolodex," he says, "you get face and name recognition with as many people as possible..." (p. 8)


Read the full investigative report here.

Other publications for the Special Interest Groups and Criminal Justice project include:

Promoting the "get tough" crime control agenda reviews PORAC's historic criminal justice lobbying activities and finds that PORAC pursues policies that are not congruent with the interests of public safety, fiscal efficiency, or best practices.  Featured in KALW News: A little known law enforcement group with heavy political sway, November 18, 2011.  Read what Executive Director Daniel Macallair has to say about it in his blog, PORAC's contribution to California's prison crisis.

Ignoring the Evidence reviews CDAA's role in perpetuating California's prison crisis and finds that its agenda focuses on increasing prosecutorial power to incarcerate rather than pursue efficient alternatives that promote long-term public safety.  You can read Executive Director Daniel Macallair's thoughts on the subject in his blog, CDAA: Ignoring the evidence.

Visit $$4 to find out more about criminal justice interest groups in California.

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