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40th anniversary of Massachusetts juvenile justice reform

Next year marks the 40th anniversary of the closure of Massachusetts' youth training schools; instigating a massive and sweeping juvenile justice reform effort led by Dr. Jerome Miller.

CJCJ is celebrating Dr. Miller's success and legacy this month, with a video blog by Dr. Miller's close friend and former colleague, Executive Director Daniel Macallair:

Also this month, the Annie E. Casey Foundation is holding a Symposium entitled, "Shutting Down the Massachusetts Training Schools: Reflections on the Past; Lessons for the Future."  Dr. Jerome Miller will conduct a day-long conversation about how he brought about the nation's most prolific juvenile justice reinvention within a period of three years.  Other presenters will include Annie E. Casey Foundation's Bart Lubow, consultant Paul DeMuro and Youth Advocates Program CEO Jeff Fleischer.

Click here for Dr. Miller's blog.

CJCJ's Communications Specialist, Selena Teji, discusses how Dr. Miller's 1972 Massachusetts reforms apply to California's modern day juvenile justice system in her op-ed, The De-incarceration of California's juvenile justice system.

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