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Vote Yes on Proposition 5


On Election Day, California voters will have the opportunity to bring permanent change to its morally and financially bankrupt criminal justice system by voting for Proposition 5 -- the Nonviolent Offender Rehabilitation Act (NORA). Prop 5 circumvents the special interests dominance that has brought California's criminal justice system to the brink of collapse and paralyzed attempts to bring responsible change through the normal legislative process. The power of the prison industrial complex interest groups and the craven nature of California's politicians was on full display at a recent anti-prop 5 press conference sponsored by the state's prison guards union. The press conference included the five California governors who are directly responsible for the current crisis.

Proposition 5 is a modest and responsible measure that requires the state's politicians to implement recommendations long advocated by the state's own nonpartisan policy experts including the Legislative Analyst Office and the Little Hoover Commission. Prop 5 represents responsible change to an irresponsible system -- if the politicians in Sacramento are unwilling to stand up to powerful interests groups than we voters must!

Vote yes on Proposition 5!

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