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Navigating Change with Gordon Graham

I recently attended a training presented by Gordon Graham on his new curriculum entitled "Navigating Change: Charting Your Course."  This three-hour introductory overview provided what he terms a common sense approach to making life changes and facilitating change in others. 

The training was engaging and particularly illuminating in its nuanced understanding of human experience.  Easy to understand examples and anecdotes enhanced the materials and tools discussed and placed basic decision-making skills in a real-life context.  The overview addressed reasons to change, barriers to change, types of change, and how to achieve change on a sustainable level.  It encourages both the audience and the facilitator to re-evaluate their own perspective and choices in light of a "lock on, lock out" mentality to which we are all conditioned.  The curriculum is accessible through a video format and emphasizes that while change may be difficult it is possible.

What I found particularly appealing about this approach and curriculum was its applicability to almost all facets of life (personal, fundamental, social, professional, corporate), making it highly useable for a wide variety of needs and audiences.  In fact, Mr. Graham indicated he has successfully implemented versions of the curriculum in several diverse social groups ranging from troubled youths to business managers and union leaders.

I would like to extend my thanks to Mr. Graham for providing the opportunity to learn about his new curriculum.

~Selena Teji

Sentencing Service Program Case Specialist

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