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CJCJ response to Governor Brown's May budget revise

On May 14, 2012 Governor Brown released the May revision to the budget for fiscal year 2012/13.  The revision retracted both his original proposal for full juvenile justice realignment and the budget triggers that were implemented last year.  The revised budget includes important juvenile justice reform measures.  The proposal institutes a $24,000 annual per youth fee for utilizing state facilities; representing 13% of the total cost.  As overuse of state facilities by some counties has created a disparate taxpayer burden, this is a necessary revision.  Furthermore, reducing the age of jurisdiction will limit historic excessive lengths of stay.

CJCJ appreciates these measures, we regret that the Governor chose to remove his original full realignment proposal from the budget.  The state cannot continue to balance the budget by cutting into fundamental systems that protect our most vulnerable populations, while maintaining a failed state youth correctional system that serves less than 1,000 youth.  Additional measures must be implemented to ensure California continues to progress towards a 21st century approach to juvenile justice.    As many counties in all regions of California demonstrate with their best-practice programs, local juvenile justice systems are fully capable of serving high-need youth offenders.

Keywords: Brian Heller de Leon, fiscal policy

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