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Broadcast: Marijuana Legalization in California

San Francisco's Reentry Commissioner and Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice Program Director Gerald Miller discusses the hot topic of legalizing marijuana.  Mr. Miller covers misconceptions of legalizing marijuana, the trends marijuana arrest rates have taken in the last twenty years, and some of the implications involved if marijuana were to be legalized.

 to staff Ashley Afferino interview Gerald Miller on legalizing marijuana.

As indicated in the graph above, misdemeanor marijuana arrests have been on an upward trend since 1992.

~  In 1990 Marijuana possession accounted for just 8% of all arrests in California, but nearly 25% of all arrests in 2008.

In 2008 for the first time in recorded history, the number of offenders imprisoned for drug possession exceeded the number of offenders imprisoned for manufacturing and sales by an extremely large margin.

California Marijuana Arrests by Category: 2008

Misdemeanor Marijuana Possession

61,388 arrests

Felony Sales and Manufacturing of Marijuana

17,126 arrests

Executive Director Daniel Macallair present on the topic of marijuana arrest rates to the Public Safety Committee.  Read  to learn more about marijuana arrests and California's drug war.

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