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SF department website connects community to needed resources

San Francisco’s Department of Children, Youth and their Families (DCYF)  was founded in 1989 by Mayor Art Agnos and was created to facilitate innovative citywide policies and projects in support of children, youth, and families. Following 1991 legislation, the department became a rousing success, and was established as a city department.

DDAP Director Kimo Uila arrives at SF's youth guidance center.

Photo by Willy Johnson |

DCYF contracts with local organizations to provide early childcare, academic support, health and wellness, youth workforce development, and cultural enrichment programs. It is an indispensable part of San Francisco’s governance. CJCJ is proud to partner with DCYF, beginning in 1993 with our Detention Diversion Advocacy Program (DDAP) to provide intensive case management and a comprehensive range of community services to San Francisco’s highest risk justice-involved youth.

DCYF’s website hosts a wealth of resources for local youth, including summer job opportunities, scholarship applications, and community event listings.

Visit DCYF’s website >>

DCYF recently introduced a feature on their homepage called "The Video Corner" that features videos created by and about DCYF's grantees. This week they are featuring a video about CJCJ!

Watch the video >>

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