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Dear friend,

Among the many obstacles faced by our mothers as they try to reenter into society are the unforeseen disasters that can occur even within the perceived safety of their home.

When the washing machine breaks. When the roof begins to leak after a heavy rain. When glass shatters from a window. Everyday wear and tear on the building can create an unsafe and unhealthy environment for playing children. Today, we are asking for your help to prevent these disasters from ever happening.

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Cameo House is an 11-unit Victorian building in the heart of the mission district. Providing transitional housing for up to 11 women and 22 children at a given time, the building receives heavy traffic every day. As with all historic buildings, preservation and upkeep of the physical infrastructure is costly and frequently necessary.

That’s why we maintain an emergency reserve for building maintenance. This is a critical fund that mothers and their children depend on in order to keep their home a safe and healthy environment. 

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We can only provide this vital safety net with your help. Giving is easy with our secure online Network for Good account.

Will you help us provide safe shelter to our city’s most vulnerable women and children by donating $10, $25, or $50 to Cameo House today?

If you can help us raise just $3,000 by the end of October, we can provide peace of mind to all our families. 

Please give $25, or whatever you can this month. Together, we can cultivate a safe and healthy home for Cameo House mothers and their children.


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Daniel Macallair
Executive Director

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