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Violence Prevention has a New Champion

CJCJ Policy and Development Director Kate McCracken with staff

CJCJ Media

After seven amazing years of dedicated work, Kate McCracken, CJCJ’s Director of Policy and Development, has re-committed her professional career to support the community’s stance against violence, but now from a new venue. Kate will be moving her efforts into a specific violence prevention role as a Senior Planner and Policy Analyst with the San Francisco Mayor’s Office.

All of us at CJCJ will miss her dearly, but after over 15,000 hours of Kate’s endless commitment, we recognize we need to share her expertise with the rest of the city. As a local resident of the Bay View Hunter’s Point neighborhood, Kate will take her creative and passionate devotion for reform to work with her new colleagues in the Mayor’s Office to implement the Mayor’s Violence Prevention Strategy, and increase the effects and impact of violence prevention in our county.

We are grateful for the years of support Kate has given to CJCJ, and proud to continue to work beside her in the field to stop unnecessary acts of violence. Thank you Kate!

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