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As 2012 draws to a close, now is a time for reflection on past achievements and future challenges. The holiday season and coming New Year represent an opportunity to jolt us from our everyday complacency. CJCJ is unique in that it joins practitioners and researchers, all working for one common purpose: a more humane justice system. Our hard work builds not just on the dedication of agency staff, interns, and volunteers, rather we rely on generous contributions from individuals such as you. CJCJ works in the San Francisco community daily, fighting on behalf of high-needs youth and adults to ensure they benefit from opportunities and services. This partnership is necessary to advocate on behalf of marginalized groups that are all too often are forgotten. Your donations help fund a variety of agency services, which includes direct services, technical assistance, and policy advocacy.Our agency offers direct services to at-risk youth and adult populations in San Francisco. These include Cameo House, a housing program for formerly incarcerated homeless mothers, and the Children’s Waiting Room, which provides childcare at San Francisco’s Hall of Justice and Civil Court. Our juvenile justice services staff helps youth that have made contact with the juvenile justice system. We also partner with regional and statewide reform initiatives, for example the Sierra Health Initiative .We also administer technical assistance initiatives, which replicate our success in San Francisco, and teach other jurisdictions how to adopt innovative best practices.Finally, CJCJ works in Sacramento and across the state for public policy rooted in restorative justice. We work with our many ally organizations to fight on behalf of policies that range from education and school discipline to growing county-level capacity for serving high-needs youth.Here at CJCJ we ask that you join us in a partnership to better a criminal justice system that all too often ignores the marginalized and forgotten. Your donations will help fund a variety of necessary services. Please consider a gift of $5 or more and remember that comprehensive reform is possible only with your support. We couldn’t do this without you.We wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to a continued partnership in 2013; one that will be filled with hope and continued success.~ Brian Goldstein CJCJ Communications and Policy