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Exceptional leader Abu Qadir Al-Amin passes

It is with great sadness that we announce that a pioneering founder of CJCJ, Abu Qadir Al-Amin, has passed away. Abu was CJCJ’s Associate Director from 1992 – 2013, a role in which he established and managed the Supportive Living Program (SLP). The SLP was a 16-bed residential re-entry program for people with substance abuse problems who were returning to the community from prison. As its founder and a leading expert in the field of residential substance abuse treatment, Abu fought to ensure that the dignity of people in the program was protected by rejecting the demands by Department of Corrections authorities that the program adopt a conventional emphasis on security and surveillance. Instead, residents were encouraged to develop self-reliance through mutual support from other program participants. Residents participated in morning and evening group meetings where personal challenges and concerns were discussed within the confines of the group. All residents were assisted in developing a positive social support network that would sustain them after leaving the program. Residents acquired jobs, learned trades, went to school, and reconnected with families while in the program. 

Throughout its nearly 22 years of existence, the SLP never failed to exceed expectations and was hailed as a model by the same city and state officials who had initially resisted the concept.

Abu is remembered by those of us who worked with him as a person of impeccable integrity and an exceptional leader. He never wavered in his commitment to those who were victims of social injustice or their own personal frailties. 

Rest in peace, Abu.
Your CJCJ colleagues