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Money Talks” is a four-minute broadcast that introduces listeners to the criminal justice special interest group landscape in California, highlighting key players and the strategies they employ to promote their agenda in California’s criminal justice policymaking. 

Modern American society is characterized by an unequal distribution of power and economic resources, wherein those who have the greatest access to resources are most able to have their interests represented by the law. Influential interest groups in California follow the same model, and generally represent the privileged few rather than the general public. Over the years, Interest Groups in California have become more powerful in the political arena and drive much of California’s legislative criminal justice dialogue. This broadcast aims to highlight some of the ways interest groups affect California’s criminal justice system, and the methods they use to promote their agendas. 

You can find the full broadcast on our Resource Center here: $1cjcj​.org/​n​e​w​s​/​5968$4

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