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CJCJ’s guest video blog by Will Roy, discusses challenges to re-entry from the state’s youth correctional facilities and what he thinks should be the way forward for juvenile justice in California. 

Will Roy is currently a psychology student at the City College of San Francisco. He was made a ward of the California Youth Authority (now the Division of Juvenile Facilities) in 1997, as a first time offender at the age of 15, and remained a ward until 2003. During his six year CYA confinement Mr. Roy was housed in four institutions: O.H. Close, Preston, and N.A. Chaderjian Youth Correctional Facilities and Mt. Bullion fire camp. He was released at the age of 21 and has since been pursuing his education and engaging in leadership development and advocacy work related to juvenile justice reform. You can read some of Mr. Roy’s published works here: ~ Fear holds back reform of California Youth Authority, San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 13, 2004.~ The Poetic Prisoner: Profile of a Juvenile, UC Davis Journal of Juvenile Law & Policy, Vol. 9:2, pp. 428 – 433 (Summer 2005). 

For more information please email Will Roy at will_​roy1@​yahoo.​com

~ Will RoyStudent, City College of San Francisco