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Dreams from the Monster Factory by Sunny Schwartz

In Dreams from the Monster Factory, Sunny Schwartz writes about her extraordinary work transforming the San Francisco jails from monster factories” that foster violence, rage, and better criminals, into places that could change criminals for the better. Schwartz put the principles of restorative justice to work when she launched the Resolve to Stop the Violence Project (RSVP), a groundbreaking program that brings together victims and offenders to empowers victims and requires offenders to take true responsibility for their actions and eliminate their violent behavior. The program has cut recidivism for violent rearrests by up to 80 percent. Schwartz’s faith in humanity, her compassion and her vision are inspiring. In Dreams from the Monster Factory she goes beyond statistics and sensational portrayals of prison life to offer an intimate, harrowing and revelatory chronicle of crime, punishment and, ultimately, redemption.