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Roland Carey, former CJCJ director

After many years of dedicated service to youth and families involved in the justice system, Roland Carey passed away on October 17. Carey made a deep impact on the lives of young people, for whom he provided structure, support, and care. His warm and passionate approach will be missed by many.

As Program Director of CJCJ’s regional office in Washington, DC, Roland supervised the Independent Living Program (ILP) and Third-Party Mentoring Program from 2004 to 2010. The ILP model was developed around the principle of unconditional care, following the no eject, no reject” philosophy. Youth were never refused services; those with poor performance were given additional support and care to help them succeed during difficult times. 

The Department of Youth and Rehabilitation Services (DYRS) funded CJCJ to operate the ILP, and Roland’s direction and leadership of the program was essential to local reform efforts in Washington, DC.

With Roland’s passing, we have lost an amazing ally, advocate, and colleague in the field. He will be forever cherished and remembered for his contributions to and relentless love for the work.

In peaceful memory, thank you Roland. We will miss you.