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There is currently pressure on the California legislature from law enforcement agencies to reduce or eliminate the Governor’s proposed $24,000 per youth fee structure for the Division of Juvenile Facilities. 

The state is already spending 20 – 25 times the per capita investment on youth offenders as it is on students in our UC, Cal State, K‑12, and community college systems. With an 80% recidivism rate, the Division of Juvenile Facilities should receive a failing grade yet legislators are being asked to protect this expensive and unnecessary institution time and time again. 

Please urge the legislature to stand firm against law enforcement pressure to reduce or eliminate the proposed $24,000 fee structure. Elimination of the $24,000 fee means that $19.9 million in cuts would have to come out of education, social services, health care access for low-income families, or even deeper cuts to the courts. 

The decision to maintain the Governor’s juvenile justice proposal will be made next week. Call these senators to let them know you support the Governor’s proposal to institute a $24,000 per youth fee on using the state juvenile justice system:

Phone Numbers:

~ Senator Loni Hancock (916) 6514009~ Senator Lois Wolk (916) 6514005~ Senate pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (916) 6514006~ Assemblymember Gil Cedillo (916) 3192045~ Assemblymember Mike Feuer (916) 3192042~ Assemblymember Luis Alejo (916) 3192028~ Speaker of the Assembly John A. Pérez (916) 3192046

Thank you!