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By participating in #GivingTuesday, your tax-deductible donation will provide hope for those who have been affected by California’s juvenile and criminal justice systems.

Gift Giving Day at the Children’s Waiting Room

Your generosity will sustain Cameo House, San Francisco’s first alternative sentencing program for homeless mothers providing residential treatment and self-sufficiency without separating families. Cameo House has been hailed as a model local practice and is directed by community-trailblazer, Shirley Lamarr. 

Your pledge will also support the Children’s Waiting Rooms, which provide free childcare for thousands of low and moderate-income parents who need to appear in court. 

The Children’s Waiting Rooms provide a safe and positive environment for children so they are not subject to witness the very serious events in the courtroom,” says Dinky Manek Enty, CJCJ Deputy Director and Director of the Children’s Waiting Rooms. Our staff see every moment with the child as an opportunity to nurture their development, from theatrical play to simple science projects. We also facilitate hundreds of family contact visits between fathers in the jail and their children, allowing children to maintain a family bond despite incarceration.”

Annual field trip for youth clients

CJCJ prioritizes serving the needs of justice-involved youth. Your gift will support our therapeutic team in delivering individualized treatment and therapy to high needs youth — preparing young people to face life’s challenges. 

Kimo Uila, CJCJ’s Director of Juvenile Justice Services, has seen the impact of caring case management on young people. Over the past 10 years, I’ve had the privilege of advocating for youth and families who feel trapped in the revolving door of the justice system, which can seem daunting and hopeless,” says Kimo. Despite the struggles they have experienced in life, I have seen the faces of our young people restored with hope and possibility as a result of their participation in CJCJ’s juvenile justice services and their own hard work.” 

Awakening New Futures class

Your donation will also help hundreds of formerly incarcerated men and women receive job training, substance abuse treatment, mental health services, and other crucial reentry resources.

Director of Community-Based Services, Gerald Miller, says of CJCJ’s adult programs, Our case managers connect with our clients, and help them do whatever it takes to make sure they succeed in realizing their full potential, and become positive influences on their families and communities. Donating to CJCJ is a great opportunity to be a part of helping someone change their life and future and, at the same time, create a safer world.”

Proposition 47 town hall presentation

Finally, your contribution will support CJCJ to continue its policy work, which uses research and advocacy to develop community-based solutions for our juvenile and criminal justice systems.

Brian Goldstein, CJCJ’s Director of Policy and Development, notes that the agency develops policy through its unique its direct service expertise. We work to elevate CJCJ’s direct service programs as a model for California and beyond because we know from experience what works,” says Brian. This, in addition to research and analysis, allows CJCJ to partner with policymakers, practitioners, researchers and the communities most impacted by our justice system to promote effective community-based approaches to public safety.” 

We have accomplished a lot over the past year, but there is so much more to be done. Please consider donating to CJCJ today, and help us continue our work to keep families together and build strong, safe communities.

Because incarceration should never be used as a solution to social problems. 

Make a tax-deductable donation today!