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Dear Allies – Thank you for attending the Improving Minimum Standards for California’s Juvenile Justice Facilities” webinar. We extend our sincere thanks to The California Endowment for making this webinar possible, and to Sue Burrell for taking the time to lend us her expertise. 

Included here are some helpful materials, links, and answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we received.


Please find the PowerPoint presentation with notes on the bottom of each slide. The notes include explanations of the slides and key information that was given during the webinar presentation. In the PowerPoint, please also find links to additional resources. 

Please also find a Word template you can use to structure and submit your survey responses by email instead of through the online survey. The online survey limits the amount of text you can enter for each question and does not allow you to include hyperlinks in your responses. Therefore, we created a Word template you can use to compile your recommendations and email to the BSCC’s Ginger Wolfe at ginger.​wolfe@​bscc.​ca.​gov. If emailed by Jan. 20, we have been told that your document will count as official survey responses the same way as online survey submissions. As additional guidance, please see an example completed Word template using the undergarment example from the presentation. Please note that there is no one correct” way to format your emailed submissions; we’re just sharing a format we’ve found helpful. 

Survey Links BSCC Online Survey - responses are due January 20th.

Youth Survey - responses due January 18th. This short, alternative survey is for young people, their siblings, or friends, who have had direct experience in a juvenile facility. Please ask young people you know to spend 10 – 15 minutes filling this out. Confidential responses will be summarized and sent to the BSCC on behalf of youth by The California Endowment. Thank you again to The California Endowment! 

Additional Helpful Resources Title 15 Title 24 part 1 Title 24 part 2

Annie E. Casey Foundation’s JDAI Juvenile Detention Facility Assessment Standards (Pg. 91)

FAQs from the Presentation

How do I join the executive steering committee (ESC) or a topic-specific working group?

The BSCC has been accepting ESC applications since November 2016, and we have heard that ESC membership may be finalized this week. However, if you wish to be considered for the ESC, please visit this page and follow the instructions. If you wish to be considered for a working group, please contact Dominique Nong (dnong@​childrensdefense.​org) with your name, organization affiliation, and topic of interest (if any), and she will share with you any updates about the workgroups as they become available.

Can I submit a public comment letter prior to the first ESC meeting?

Yes, you can always submit a public comment letter for an ESC meeting. However, we believe that your public comment letter should not serve as a substitute for submitting specific Title 1524 revision recommendations by Jan. 20 through the online survey process. Submitting specific revision recommendations through the survey is the best way to explain your intentions and ideal outcomes to the BSCC staff and the ESC members. If you have concerns about other issues relevant to the revisions process, please submit a public comment letter in addition to your survey responses. You may also submit public comment letters at any time throughout the Title 1524 revision process.

How do I learn more about the Title 1524 revisions process as it moves forward? 

To receive updates about various BSCC projects, including the Title 1524 revisions process, and participate in monthly information and strategy calls, you can sign up to be included on the BSCC email group. Please email Erica Webster (ewebster@​cjcj.​org) to join.

Are there any additional resources about how to improve conditions for trans youth? See some helpful resources below: 

Policy adopted by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Children in California Foster Care (not directly related to juvenile justice facilities, but many concepts overlap)Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth in the Juvenile Justice System (see Section IV)

Are there any additional resources about how to improve education in juvenile facilities? See below:

Juvenile Detention Facility Assessment (Education starting at Pg. 133)