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After the Police Killing of Mario Woods, SF is That Kind of Town”

SF Weekly cites a CJCJ fact sheet on San Francisco’s disproportionate arrest of African American women. 

A 2015 study by the W. Haywood Burns Institute, commissioned by the city’s Reentry Council, found that in 2013, a disproportionate number of Black adults [were] represented at every stage of the criminal justice process.” Black adults were 7.1 times as likely as whites to be arrested, and comprised 40 percent of all arrestees in the city. For African American women in San Francisco, the disparity in arrest rates is even greater — they are 13.4 times as likely to be arrested — according to a 2015 report by the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice.

Both studies found that the disparity in treatment of African Americans was significantly worse in San Francisco than in the rest of California.”

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