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Analysis of the Governor’s proposal to reform the state’s juvenile justice system

Originally posted by KGO810.

CJCJ Executive Director Daniel Macallair discusses the high costs, declines in youth crime, and the importance of local programming for youth. This discussion centers on Governor Newsom’s proposal to move DJJ from under the umbrella of the California Department of Corrections, to the Health and Human Services Agency. 

From the segment:

I applaud the governor for getting involved on this issue and taking the initiative. It’s long been ignored. It’s important to remember that these are very violent institutions. A lot of people have the idea that, somehow, these are new rehabilitiative places.

Right now, we are at a point where we do not need the state youth corrections system. There are sufficient facilities now throughout the state of California. Most county-run youth correctional institutions are operating at less than half of capacity. Yet we are still continuing to operate these archaic institutions at the state level that… are not doing what they’re supposed to be doing. They’re not rehabilitating.

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