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Busting the Myth of Immigrant Crime

Originally posted in Yes! Magazine.

CJCJ Senior Research Fellow Mike Males authors a commentary article in Yes! Magazine on immigration, which analyzes violence in white communities compared to diverse sanctuary communities.

From the article:

Trump and right-wing pundits accuse immigrants, urban gangs, and their liberal abettors” of inflicting epidemics of violence, drugs, violent killings, and crime, crime, crime” on Americans. Reality is the opposite. It’s Trump’s own mostly-older, White constituencies who are suffering and perpetrating surging crises of lethal self-destruction, crime, and violence.

My national analysis last year detailed the startling fact that Whites living in suburban, small-town, and rural areas surrounded by other Whites are in much more danger of violent and premature death, including suicide, homicide, gun fatality, drug overdose, and related deaths of despair” than Whites living in or around multiracial cities. Whites show worse social trends than non-Whites, and Whites in remote exurban and rural areas show by far the worst trends and highest violent death rates of all.

Despite Trump’s and Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ baseless condemnations, sanctuary cities” that adopt pro-immigrant protections are especially safe for Whites.

Read the full article on Yes! Magazine »

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