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California Program Trains Much-needed Justice-involved Leaders

Originally posted in the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE).

CJCJ’s Communications and Policy Analyst Renee Menart authors an Op-Ed in the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE) about the importance of justice-involved leaders on the path toward meaningful reform.

From the article:

The key solutions for effective justice reforms are rooted in the communities most impacted. Leaders of these communities are equipped to build change from the ground up through cultural healing and policy training, as well as a developed supportive network. The Next Generation Fellowship, which is a collaboration between two California-based advocacy organizations, Motivating Individual Leadership for Public Advancement (MILPA) and the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, supports fellows by fostering effective storytelling, strategic advocacy and civic participation to bridge the gap between their communities and the capitol.

As justice agencies and advocates work to make their decision-making processes more inclusive, it is vital that justice-involved youth and adults be engaged in a meaningful way. 

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