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CJCJ | Unmet Promises

California’s Juvenile Justice System Had 16 Years To Fix Its Abuse Problems. It Didn’t.

Originally posted in the Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post examines conditions at California’s Division of Juvenile Justice, including a story of a youth’s painful experience in confinement. The article discusses powerful details from CJCJ’s recent report and key takeaways from co-authors Maureen Washburn and Renee Menart.

In the article:

All the wrongdoings and punishments that I have experienced made me realize that this [abuse] did not start with me but it has been going on long before my time,’ he said. It made us lose hope. It discouraged us a lot, you know.’

Attempted suicides, suicidal behavior and self-harm have increased since the consent decree was signed and the DJJ was released from the lawsuit. Since 2016, there have been at least 28 attempted suicides.

Young people don’t fare well when they’re in large congregate facilities like the DJJ,’ Washburn said. Community-based services that are culturally rooted, close to home, involve families, rather than exclude them — that’s what works.’

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