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CJCJ’s Cameo House and its success stories highlighted

Our Cameo House program was recently showcased on KTVU’s Fox2 news to lift up some of what we know is working to help keep in need families together in the SF area. 

Our program manager Rebecca Jackson was highlighted, as were a few successful program participants and graduates. We are so proud of Heather L Colbert and Tiara Hewitt and applaud all the work they have done, and are continuing to do to be where they are. We celebrate their successes as symbols of hope for others. Below are videos highlighting each of them respectively.

Please also see below for the full quote from our Cameo House program director Rebecca Jackson regarding the importance of accountability and the power of agency.

People need to be held accountable while also giving them autonomy to make choices for their own lives.” — Rebecca Jackson

Heather L. Colbert highlight, 8.14.2023

Strained from opioid epidemic, San Francisco finding unique solutions

Several groups are stepping up efforts to get those who suffer from addiction off of drugs and off the streets of San Francisco. We take a look at some unique diversion programs and how they’re supposed to work.


Tiara Hewitt & Rebecca Jackson highlight, 8.15.2023

Mother’s road to recovery: Transitional housing for women struggling with drug addiction

Nestled in San Francisco’s Mission District is Cameo House, long-term transitional housing for homeless women and their children. One woman tells the story of how a judge offered her a lifeline of an alternative sentence so she could be with her her little daughter after she had struggled with addiction and homelessness.


People have to be ready, you can’t force change and at Cameo even though most are mandated as alternative to incarceration they are still the ones driving their own life plans.”

Rebecca Jackson

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