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San Francisco should fund effective programs, not a new jail

Originally posted in the San Francisco Chronicle. 

San Francisco County Supervisor, Jane Kim, argues for investment in alternatives to incarceration rather than spending $600 million to build a new jail in San Francisco. Kim includes examples of incarceration inefficiently using tax-payer dollars, failing to promote public safety, and significantly disrupting the lives of innocent people. She cites several local model practices as alternatives to jail, including CJCJ’s Cameo House.

From the article: 

We in San Francisco have an opportunity to continue investing in innovative programs and policies that are models for the rest of the country — programs such as Cameo House, an alternative for pregnant offenders and those with children, adult probation’s pioneering one-stop center that provides training and support for successful reintegration to life after jail; and the district attorney’s alternative sentencing planner, whose work has decreased recidivism by 6 to 19 percent.”

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