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State Juvenile Justice Facilities Are Failing Kids, Report Finds

Originally published by KQED.

KQED’s Marisa Lagos sits down with CJCJ Policy Analyst Maureen Washburn and Communications & Policy Analyst Renee Menart to discuss current conditions at California’s troubled Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) facilities. 

In the article:

For 12 years, California’s juvenile justice facilities were overseen by a court monitor — the result of a lawsuit aimed at ending the culture of violence, including staff abuse and frequent suicides, at the state’s correctional institutions.

But now, three years after that oversight ended — and despite assurances that the state was entering a new era of rehabilitative treatment” — a new report finds the 600 young men and women housed in the four Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) facilities in California are still being exposed to violent” and inhumane” conditions, where fights and riots are a part of daily life and lead to lasting trauma.

Among the youth we spoke to, you have them all describing feeling very isolated when they come home — feeling distant from their families, feeling overwhelmed by the world,” [Menart] said. 

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