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KBFX Bakersfield interviews CJCJ’s Mauren Washburn about a new CJCJ report on dramatic decreases in California’s youth crime. 

KBFX Eye Witness News in Bakersfield, CA reports: 

A new report shows fewer juveniles are being arrested for violent felonies, like robbery and murder.

We also see even more dramatic declines among youth who are under 12, so these are children who are being arrested for violent offenses, but whats so encouraging is that their rates of arrest have declined 95 percent over 35 years,” said CJCJ’s Maureen Washburn. 

Analysts are unclear on the cause of the drop but call it a promising sign, the state is trying to rehabilitate its youth instead of locking them away.

Read the report Violent Crime Arrests of Youth in California Expected to Decline Through 2020” »

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