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OJJDP’s New Direction Is Juvenile Justice Policymaking By Erasure

Originally posted in the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE).

CJCJ’s Director of Policy and Development Brian Goldstein authors an Op-Ed on the Trump administration’s OJJDP new juvenile justice policies that are harmful to youth and communities across the country. 

From the article:

The new Title II application will be simplified with vague open-ended questions rather than rigorous data collection. In place of comprehensive data collection, Harp notes that states’ successes and challenges will be posted on OJJDP’s website.

This move by OJJDP parallels other recent damaging juvenile justice policies. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered DOJ to rescind juvenile justice training manuals. There is also concern over recent reorganizing of OJJDP research positions. Per a recent study by the Sunlight Foundation, OJJDP’s website has placed less of an emphasis on key juvenile justice issues, which include solitary confinement, the treatment of girls and RED.

Language matters. How DOJ and OJJDP frame these issues directly influences the types of policies both agencies adopt (if they even make any mention of the issue at all).

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