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Property and Violent Crimes Up, Homicides and Human Trafficking Down

Originally posted in The Potrero View.

The Potrero View quotes CJCJ’s Senior Research Fellow Mike Males in an article about ongoing problems with San Francisco Police Department reporting practices and recent crime trends. 

From the article:

SFPD has problems with reporting the number of crimes and arrest statistics,” said Mike Males, senior research fellow at the Center for Juvenile and Criminal Justice, a San Francisco nonprofit with a mission of reducing incarceration. They do not classify Hispanics separately, as most American cities do, including those in the East Bay. They also report 80 percent of all juvenile arrests in 2017 as being for no specific offense. In the last 10 years, what we have observed from SFPD’s data is that there’s been a huge decline in robberies and homicides, a slight increase in aggravated assault, and a huge increase in certain property crimes.”

Males said that SFPD should conform to the standards followed by every other law enforcement jurisdiction in the state in reporting the ethnicity of accused individuals and specificity of the associated crimes.

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