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Report: Plan to Expand California Youth Prisons Needs Tinkering

Originally posted in The Chronicle of Social Change. 

The Chronicle of Social Change quotes CJCJ’s recent Fact Sheet on California’s Division of Juvenile Justice in an article on Governor Brown’s Budget Proposal for DJJ in FY 2018 – 19.

From the article:

A report by the California Legislative Analyst’s Office raised some doubts about Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to see more older youth and young adults served in the state youth prison system administered by the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ).

Brown’s proposal also includes a young adult offender pilot program that would authorize the state to place 76 young adults in DJJ facilities if they could complete their sentences by their 25th birthday. The governor’s juvenile justice reforms would cost $3.8 million in the next fiscal year and would rise to $9.2 million in 2020 – 21.

Those changes would involve opening up four units at DJJ facilities, which are currently operating at just 37 percent of their capacity, according to a recent fact sheet from the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice. During the last fiscal year, a stay at a DJJ facility cost taxpayers $317,771 per youth.

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