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Reprinted from Yes! Magazine

The Myth of White Safety in White Numbers

Originally posted in Yes! Magazine. 

CJCJ’s Mike Males authors an op-ed for Yes! Magazine that highlights new data showing that Whites are safer from violent death in more diverse areas.

From the article:

The latest manifestation of White Americans’ open racial animosity, from the election of President Donald Trump to the recent violence in Charlottesville and the emboldened rhetoric of White nationalists since then, suggests continued anxiety that research indicates is grounded in an overriding fear of non-Whites.

But new data show that fear is irrational.

While White people tend to feel safer when they dominate the population, and feel threatened by the visible presence of other races, they actually are safer in racially diverse communities.

Centers for Disease Control mortality data show that Whites are actually safer in racially diverse areas — not only from violent deaths in general but specifically from guns, drugs, and suicides.

There’s irony in many Americans’ long association of danger with mean downtown streets, and their association of safety with leafy suburban cul-de-sacs and rural lanes.

Consider the city Trump and others often identify with rampant violence: Chicago. It is true that African Americans and Latinos have high homicide rates in the city and surrounding Cook County. However, Whites there are much safer, with homicide rates less than half the national average.

The same is especially true of Whites in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Seattle, Columbus, and other large sanctuary cities,” where local policies seek to shield immigrants from federal persecution. Whites living in and around diverse sanctuary cities are substantially less likely to die from violent death than anywhere else.

Read the full op-ed in Yes! Magazine »

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