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Violence, Neglect & Fear Makes Kids Worse Not Better At California’s Division Of Juvenile Justice, Says Scathing New Report

Originally published in Witness LA.

Witness LA’s Celeste Fremon captures key findings of CJCJ’s recent report on harmful conditions at California’s state-run youth correctional facilities run by the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ).

From the article:

Every kid they interviewed, the co-authors wrote, could describe an inappropriate use-of-force incident’ that he or she had witnessed or experienced.

The incidents the youth described included having their legs kicked out, or being placed in a headlock during a strip search and being physically assaulted by staff while handcuffed,’ and other equally inappropriate actions. In addition to incidents directly witnessed by youth, several kids and staff described rumors about staff beating youth in transport vans or in unseen corners of a facility, including the ice machine areas in one of the units.

Whether the rumored beatings occurred or not, matters regarding youth violence and staff use of force are not helped by a surprising lack of surveillance cameras in the three main facilities.

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