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Christopher Slesarchik | Shut​ter​stock​.com

Youth Much Less Likely to Shoot or Be Shot Now, No Thanks to Adults

Originally posted in the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE).

CJCJ Senior Research Fellow Mike Males pens an Op-Ed on decreased gun violence among youth in major cities across the U.S. amid the nation’s continued atrocities of gun violence and mass shootings.

From the article:

Whether marching against gun violence or actually reducing gun killings, today’s new teenager is nothing like the crime-prone teenager” of popular stereotype.

Plummeting gun violence among diverse urban teens doesn’t fit crime experts’ predictions, academics’ theories, politicians’ ideologies or interest groups’ lobbying needs. We’re threatened by change (unless we’re trying to take credit for it) — even hopeful change with vital lessons.

We deserve no credit for the fact that, over the last generation, teenagers decided to act much, much better across many dimensions (guns, crime, school dropout, unplanned pregnancy, etc.) exactly where we expected it least.

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