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California crime rates continue to drop amid justice reforms

CJCJ finds that California continues to see decreased arrest rates during its justice reform era, with youth arrests accounting for the steepest declines. 

A new fact sheet by CJCJ Senior Research Fellow Mike Males finds continued declines in California’s arrest rate during the state’s justice reform era, a period of major criminal and juvenile justice reforms, which began in 2011.

The fact sheet finds that the overall arrest rate in California has fallen by 26 percent since 2010. The steepest decline in arrests occurred among youth under 18, which have fallen by 75 percent since 2010. In fact, the youth arrest rate, which was about equivalent to the adult rate in 2010, now stands at just over one-quarter of the adult rate.

During the justice reform era, most counties showed declines in arrest rates, which suggests that new statewide policies have not interrupted California’s pattern of reduced arrests and incarceration – both of which mark major successes for public health and safety.

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CJCJ’s team rings in the New Year with a festive gathering

CJCJ staff come together to support one another and celebrate successes.

CJCJ’s team gathers together to celebrate successes.

CJCJ enjoyed a fun-filled day celebrating the start to a new and exciting year! The event included a delicious lunch, team-building games, and an encouraging speech by Executive Director Daniel Macallair. Our team had a wonderful time sharing a meal and laughter during our time together. 

Every day, our programs work to support youth, adults, and families impacted by the justice system. CJCJ offers direct services for individuals in San Francisco as well as technical assistance and state policy analysis. Staff gatherings help show CJCJ’s gratitude toward team members for their compassion and dedication throughout the year. 

CJCJ’s team looks forward to gathering together again soon to support one another in our important community work!

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CJCJ’s Justice Policy Journal offers new research

CJCJ promotes effective public safety efforts through data-driven research.

The Fall 2019 Issue of CJCJ’s Justice Policy Journal (JPJ) includes research relating to jail emergency releases, trauma-informed interventions for youth, and a gender-specific community reentry program. The JPJ provides an international forum for policymakers and researchers to examine current justice issues and promote innovative policy solutions.

In particular, the fall JPJ includes research by Kenneth Adams and Terry L. Baumer that investigates the public safety aspects of jail emergency release programs, which reduce the jail population by allowing incarcerated individuals to be released early if they meet certain eligibility requirements. Adams and Baumer found that individuals released through the program do not greatly increase the risk of serious harm to the community, suggesting that pre-trial release policies could be more progressive.

Other articles explore justice topics ranging from the benefits of a trauma-informed approach to a reentry model for women that effectively connects individuals with community resources.

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