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CJCJ Report Warns of Second Major COVID-19 Outbreak in DJJ

In November, we published a report investigating COVID-19 inside California’s Division of Juvenile Justice. Within days, another outbreak occurred.

COVID-19 cases among youth at DJJ have risen in recent weeks.

A recent fact sheet finds that California’s state youth correctional system, the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), is failing to address the COVID-19 pandemic. DJJ’s slow response and inadequate precautions are affecting youths’ health, safety, and opportunities for rehabilitation.

In the summer, DJJ’s three large correctional facilities experienced their first COVID-19 outbreak — positive cases among youth grew from one to over 60 in about seven weeks. CJCJ’s report warned that, unless state leaders took immediate action, it was only another matter of time before youth at DJJ experienced another outbreak.

As of December 22nd, 120 youth — 15 percent of DJJ’s population — have tested positive. There have been about 50 new cases in recent weeks. Youth continue to experience isolation, inconsistent COVID-19 precautions, and cuts to programming.

Youth at DJJ were exposed to high rates of violence and isolation even before the pandemic. As conditions worsen, California must act now to protect youth, staff, and their families.

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Our Juvenile Justice Services Comprehensively Support Youth

CJCJ is expanding our Juvenile Justice Services to support youth and families through a full array of defense-based support services.

CJCJ staff gathering in January 2020.

CJCJ’s Juvenile Justice Services are coming together to serve justice-involved youth and their families. These streamlined services will support youth through a full array of defense-based support services.

Previously, CJCJ’s Sentencing Service Program helped develop individualized sentencing plans emphasizing youth development and research-backed strategies. Additionally, our nationally recognized Detention Diversion Advocacy Program (DDAP) provides intensive case management and access to community-based services for high-needs youth. CJCJ’s Juvenile Collaborative Reentry Unit (JCRU), a national model originally piloted with support from the U.S. Department of Justice, offers case planning and aftercare services for youth returning from out-of-home placement.

These newly merged programs will provide a coordinated and comprehensive range of services for justice-involved youth. All of us at CJCJ congratulate Booker Gray on his new role as Program Coordinator and Tatum O’Sullivan on her new role as Case Developer. Our dedicated Juvenile Justice Services team will continue CJCJ’s defense-based services, providing the best possible support for youth and families.

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Help Strengthen Families Impacted by Incarceration

This holiday season, please consider supporting CJCJ’s services for justice-involved youth and families.

CJCJ’s Cameo House participants and their children enjoy a fun afternoon together!

Our team is dedicated to supporting justice-involved young people and adults with high-quality services in San Francisco. Our community-based programs help participants heal from trauma, strengthen family relationships, and thrive in all areas of their lives.

Every day, CJCJ’s work emphasizes innovative community solutions for a safer and healthier California. We educate leaders through our policy research and advocacy. We provide technical assistance to develop services based on our model programs. Our combined direct services, policy research, and technical assistance reduce reliance on incarceration as a solution to social problems.

This holiday season, we ask that you support CJCJ’s critical work. Your tax-deductible gift will provide youth and families with essential support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us today to bring community health, safety, and justice to all Californians!

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