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New Report: Prop 20 Would Fuel Racial Injustice

CJCJ finds that Prop 20 will increase the harmful reach of the justice system, with Black and Latino people at the greatest risk of incarceration.

California’s crime rate dropped in the past decade by 12 percent.

A new fact sheet from CJCJ finds that Proposition 20 (Prop 20) could disparately harm people of color with thousands more jail and prison sentences. Amid a 50-year low in California’s crime rate and a national reckoning over systemic racism, Prop 20 seeks to roll back recent criminal justice reforms and increase state spending on incarceration.

A recent CJCJ report projected hundreds of millions of dollars in new state and local law enforcement costs associated with Prop 20. Yet the ballot initiative’s social costs could be even greater.

If passed, Prop 20 would take people away from their families, jobs, and homes. The tough-on-crime measure increases punishment for low-level offenses and limits eligibility for people to be considered for parole. Increased justice system involvement imposes lifelong restrictions on housing, employment, and education.

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CJCJ’s Silvanus Van” Warren Leads Community Development

A dedicated CJCJ staff member, Silvanus Van” Warren, supports Bay Area residents through his community-rooted organization.

CJCJ Cameo House team member Silvanus Van” Warren serves food with The Council 1.

Cameo House supports homeless, formerly incarcerated women and their children in San Francisco as a long-term transitional and alternative sentencing program.

Silvanus Van” Warren is a dedicated Cameo House team member. He is widely known and loved at CJCJ for his warmth, humor, and positivity. Four years ago, Van started a community-based organization called The Council 1” to mentor youth, support homeless neighbors, and respond to community needs.

Amid recent fires, The Council 1 members provided disaster relief by donating cases of water, clothing, and necessities to local homeless shelters. Van and volunteers have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by distributing care packages, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), to homeless encampments.

CJCJ is proud of Van’s positive impact through our Cameo House program and in the broader Bay Area community.

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CJCJ Directors Speak at San Francisco Reentry Conference

CJCJ’s Rebecca Jackson and Gerald Miller presented at San Francisco’s annual Reentry Conference and Resource Fair.

CJCJ’s Rebecca Jackson (left) and Gerald Miller (right) present at the virtual Reentry Conference and Resource Fair.

Last month, the Restorative Justice Ministry of San Francisco’s Archdiocese hosted its annual Reentry Resource Fair virtually. The week-long event offered dozens of presentations to support people in reentry and crime survivors.

Every year, hundreds of Bay Area organizations, agencies, and community members come together to share insights and explore new ideas at the Reentry Conference and Resource Fair. Community-based organizations like CJCJ were among the many passionate conference participants.

In a powerful presentation, CJCJ’s Cameo House Program Director Rebecca Jackson explains that the Cameo House team is interested in being the center of safety for these women. Safety, stability and security are what they need most and we try to do that.”

CJCJ’s Director of Community-Based Services Gerald Miller presented on CJCJ’s model community-based programs, including the No Violence Alliance (NoVA). NoVA offers case management and reentry services to people returning home from San Francisco jails. CJCJ programs, including those managed by Rebecca and Gerald, support people throughout their involvement in the justice system.

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