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CJCJ’s Next Generation Fellowship Explores Advocacy in Oakland

The Next Generation Fellows gathered in Oakland for a session that was packed with useful teachings and opportunities to connect!

Next Generation Fellows with former NGF fellow Watani Stiner (center) at session 2 in Oakland, CA.

This month, CJCJ and our partners at MILPA facilitated an exciting second session of our third-annual Next Generation Fellowship (NGF). The program supports individuals impacted by the justice system through three 2‑day learning sessions focused on cultural healing and policy advocacy.

In particular, former NGF fellow and long-standing community activist Watani Stiner shared his powerful story as part of the session. Moved by Watani’s experiences during the civil rights movement and continued dedication to justice, one fellow reflected, This was a living example of what it could look like when our communities move away from punishment and toward accountability when our neighbors cause harm.”

CJCJ and MILPA also thank our partners at The California Endowment and the Ella Baker Center for their contributions to the event’s success. In March, the fellowship’s final session will take place in Sacramento where fellows will have an opportunity to share their NGF-supported advocacy projects with key partners.

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Costs Soar for California’s Youth Correctional System

New CJCJ study finds record-setting costs for the state’s Division of Juvenile Justice.DJJ Annual Cost Per Youth

A new fact sheet by CJCJ Policy Analyst Maureen Washburn examines a near $100 million increase for California’s dangerous and prison-like youth correctional system.

A new fact sheet by CJCJ Policy Analyst Maureen Washburn examines a near $100 million increase for California’s dangerous youth correctional system.

CJCJ finds that the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) would cost taxpayers a record-setting $336,000 per youth in Fiscal Year 2020 – 21. This is more than six times the annual tuition at Stanford University.

Despite these enormous costs, DJJ continues to fail young people, with 76 percent rearrested, 51 percent convicted of a new offense, and 29 percent returned to state custody within three years of their initial release.This spending increase ignores lessons from history and invests in a flawed system that traumatizes youth.

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Award for CJCJ Staff Supports Children with Incarcerated Parents

CJCJ’s Renee Menart received a 2019 – 2020 Bay Area Inspire Award to support families impacted by incarceration.

Recipients and advisers of the 2019 – 20 Bay Area Inspire Award

CJCJ is pleased to announce that Communications and Policy Analyst Renee Menart has been selected as a recipient of the 2019 – 2020 Bay Area Inspire Award for a project titled UnTold: Unity through Teaching. This community project will strengthen literacy development, family engagement, and support for youth programs in the Bay Area.

UnTold supports young children and families impacted by incarceration. Renee is developing a children’s book and supplementary learning activities, which she will share in community workshops this year. She works closely with CJCJ’s direct service programs to ensure the project is rooted in the community’s needs.

Renee utilizes her varied experience in early childhood education and youth justice reform, including CJCJ to produce a book that can comfort and guide young children during a difficult time in their lives.

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  • Recruitment Specialist, Community-Based Services
  • Mental Health Clinician, Juvenile Justice Services
  • Policy Analyst, Policy and Communications Department
  • Residential Support Staff, Part-Time, Cameo House Program