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Tell Governor Newsom to Keep Youth Closer to Home with Senate Bill 284

CJCJ co-sponsored Senate Bill 284 The Keep Youth Closer to Home Act, is one step away from becoming state law. We need your support today!

Last month, Senate Bill (SB) 284 passed its final vote in the California Legislature and was sent to the governor’s desk. As we await Governor Newsom’s signature, we need to make our voices heard in support of this important youth justice bill!

SB 284 will create an incentive for counties to keep justice-involved youth out of dangerous Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) facilities and closer to their communities. Currently, counties pay $24,000 for each youth they send to the state youth correctional system, DJJ, which is just a fraction of the actual costs. SB 284 will increase the fee for county commitments at DJJ to spur investment in local alternatives that are better suited to meet the needs of youth and their families.

This bill can help youth and families across California, but we need to stand together to make it happen. If you have 30 seconds right now, you can make a difference by placing a call to the Governor’s office at (916) 4452841. All you need to do is state your name and your support for the bill — it’s that easy to help make history. Check out this sample script:

Hello, my name is _____ and I’m calling in support of SB 284, which will keep young people out of state institutions and closer to their families and communities. I urge the Governor to sign SB 284 into law. Thank you.”

Please join our sponsors and supporters by calling the Governor’s office and/​or submitting a support letter today to request that SB 284 be signed into law!

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CJCJ’s youth reentry program supports a youth’s dreams of becoming a doctor

A youth takes an exciting step toward her future career when meeting a mentor in the medical field.

This summer, a dedicated participant in CJCJ’s Juvenile Collaborative Reentry Unit (JCRU) program took part in an exciting opportunity to meet a mentor in her dream field. 

When Dominique started participating in JCRU last December, her sincere dedication and the pride she takes in her work was clear. When she first met with CJCJ’s Reentry Coordinator, Trang Nguyen, Dominique expressed her wish to become an obstetrician-gynecologist. Dominique’s future career vision comes from her passion for helping people in healthcare and the personal experience of supporting a friend through pregnancy.

Given Dominique’s interest, Trang searched for a mentor who could provide the appropriate guidance and support. After months of coordination, Trang set a time for Dominique to meet with a doctor. Ijeoma Okwandu, an Ob-Gyn in San Francisco, was eager to support a youth who has such a strong interest in her area of work.

The meeting between Ijeoma and Dominique was an empowering experience. As an African-American woman in the medical field, Ijeoma inspired Dominique through their shared background and life experiences. During their time together, Dominique asked thoughtful questions and Ijeoma offered advice and support. In the end, Ijeoma agreed to mentor Dominique in her medical journey and the two remain connected.

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CJCJ gathers together for a fun afternoon at a Giants game!

CJCJ’s direct service, policy advocacy, and operations staff joined together for a team outing to a San Francisco Giants game.

Last week, CJCJ enjoyed a sunny day at the baseball field! Every day, our team works together to support youth and adults impacted by the justice system. This outing offered staff members an opportunity to spend time together rallying around our hometown Giants!

The team had a wonderful time sharing snacks and laughter throughout the afternoon. As CJCJ’s Reentry Coordinator Booker Gray said, The game was awesome! I am grateful to be a part of the CJCJ family.” Booker speaks for the whole team in thanking CJCJ leadership for putting together a lively event.

This Giants game is just one of CJCJ’s many fun gatherings that promote team-building and connection to support our community work!

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