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Senate Bill 284 passes final vote and goes to the Governor’s desk!

The Keep Youth Closer to Home Act (Senate Bill 284) is heard on the Assembly floor and passes its final vote.

Assemblymember Weber introduced Senate Bill 284 on the Assembly Floor.

CJCJ co-sponsored legislation, Senate Bill 284 (SB) 284 passed with a majority vote of 50 to 23 on the Assembly floor last Tuesday, September 3rd. The Keep Youth Closer to Home Act, which is authored by Senator Jim Beall is now one step away from becoming California state law!

SB 284 will create an incentive for counties to keep justice-involved youth out of dangerous Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) facilities. Counties currently pay $24,000 for each youth they send to the state youth correctional system, DJJ, which is just a fraction of the actual cost. SB 284 will increase the fee counties pay for placing youth at DJJ to spur investment in local alternatives and keep youth closer to home.

Next, SB 284 will be sent to the Governor for a signature. This success is due to collective community efforts and the support of more than 60 organizations, associations, and individuals. Please join us by submitting a support letter today and/​or calling the Governor’s office to request that SB 284 be signed into law!

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CJCJ staff and partners organize a Collaborative Courts Summit

Reentry partners at the Collaborative Courts Summit learn how to improve problem solving by applying local approaches.

CJCJ’s Gerald Miller with fellow Working Reentry After Reentry” panelists.

Last month, CJCJ’s Federal Reentry Project team joined together with an array of partners for a two-day Collaborative Courts Summit, hosted by the Northern District of California Probation and Pretrial Services in conjunction with the Federal Judiciary Center (FRP).

Wyatt Lim-Tepper, CJCJ’s FRP Reentry Court Coordinator, played an integral role in the conference’s success as part of the planning team. CJCJ Director of Community-Based Services Gerald Miller shares our gratitude for Wyatt’s hard work: This project seemed larger than life up until the last minute, but Wyatt made it look easy by putting so much energy into this conference. He really made it happen.”

The information-packed conference provided an opportunity for criminal justice professionals to learn from one another and apply local approaches to problem solving. Speakers engaged hundreds of participants with topics from addressing the Bay Area housing challenge to implementing successful employment programs.

CJCJ’s Gerald Miller joined formerly-incarcerated colleagues to discuss their experience in reentry both personally and professionally. The panel discussion highlighted leaders who have been directly impacted by the justice system and the unique role they can play in supporting others with similar life experiences.

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Health education workshops empower Cameo House participants

Community volunteer, Rylee Norton, and Cameo House participants come together to strengthen their families’ health and well-being.

Cameo House volunteer, Rylee Norton, leads a health education workshop with program participants and their children.

CJCJ’s Cameo House, a long-term transitional and alternative sentencing program, is specifically designed to support formerly incarcerated women in San Francisco. The program provides opportunities for women to engage in an array of services in areas such as personal development, parenting, and independent living.

Cameo House’s weekly health education group provides a space for women in the program to openly discuss matters relating to their physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Rylee Norton, the group facilitator, is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and nursing student with a passion for preventative care and empowering individuals to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Since last October, the group has bonded over hours of honest and supportive conversations focused on women’s health as they take steps toward personal goals. Rylee reflects that, It has been inspiring to see how committed the women are to their own health and well-being as well as their children’s health and well-being.”

Cameo House participants and staff are grateful for Rylee’s continued commitment to the CJCJ community. As these workshops continue, the focus will remain on health as a multidimensional part of life, which is affected by societal factors as well as individual choices. The group centers on the women’s interests and has evolved to continue to meet their needs.

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